2 Industries that Can Benefit from Powder Coating Paint Technology


Home improvement contractors can get more benefits out of dry powder than liquid paint with their projects. The main benefit is that dry powder is environment-friendly, unlike liquid paint which releases harmful volatile organic compounds in the home. Dry powder can be used to recreate wonderful works of art, similar to what an Arlington-based business owner did. Here, the entrepreneur spruced up his office by recreating a famous Van Gogh painting with dry powder on an aluminum surface.

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of powder coat paint, maybe it’s time to make the change. Businesses intending to make a similar move can turn to reliable suppliers like Pro Powder Supply for their essential powder coating supplies, including spray guns.”


Powder Coating Paint is The Emerging Favorite in Product Finishing

Powder coating has some significant advantages over the more common painting techniques, particularly its better application process, its durability, and the non-toxicity of powder coating paint components.

The most recognized advantage of powder coating is that the process results in a seamless finish. As mentioned in Epley’s article, powder coating leaves no distinguishable marks and results in a surface that is as evenly and as cleanly painted as possible. Powder coating utilizes thick layers of paint particles sprayed onto metal works or furniture, which are then heated to dry.


Use Only Quality Powder Coating Equipment to Achieve Optimum Results

The spraying process evenly distributes electrostatically charged paint particles onto a surface, and the particles then bond as they melt in a curing oven. This fusion allows for a permanent, uniform, and clean finish.

While the entire process may be performed by anyone with minimal training, it is important to use efficient and reliable powder coating equipment. The process’ efficiency, both in operations and in supplies, can only be achieved with state-of-the-art tools and machines, or well-maintained used equipment, from industry leaders like Pro Powder and Abrasive Supply.